Modified golf courses: further information

A golf course is shortened so that it is appropriate to the size, strength and technical skills of the child. All children have a chance to make pars and birdies.

We construct modified golf courses in a number of places:

  • on a regular sized golf course;
  • on and around the putting green;
  • in a school hall;
  • on a school field;
  • on the driving range.

Course lengths – Golf courses are set up so that each child can reach the green on a par 5 in three shots, a par 4 in two shots and a par 3 in one shot. As children get bigger, stronger and more skilful, they play on longer golf courses.

Which length  to play. The golf course a child plays is mainly based on how far he or she hits an average tee-shot (driver) and 7 iron. For example a child who hits her driver about 40 yards should play on a 20% golf course with  par 4 holes of between 50 and 80 yards. A player who can hit it 210 yards or further plays on a full length adult course. For some very young children, even the 20% golf course is too long and for them the longest holes may only be 30 or 40 yards.

Recommended tees for different children

(but remember children have the final say – let them choose)

An example golf course with SIX different tees