Parent involvement

JOLF encourages the active involvement of parents

  • We recognise the importance of involving parents as much as possible;
  • We invite parents to observe and take part in JOLF sessions. They are welcome to attend as many sessions as they wish;
  • We invite parents to volunteer.
  • There is a pull out information section for parents and guardians in the JOLF Journal;
  • Children and parents are encouraged to take part together at experience days and competitions;
  • Coaches are available to advise parents about how they can help their children have a great learning experience outside coaching sessions.

Parents might consider helping their child by:

  • playing on a Modified Golf Course with their child;
  • encouraging their child to play games and challenges that will help them develop the skills which they need to earn the next cap;
  • talking to their child about his/her golf and share their enthusiasm;
  • going through their child’s JOLF journal together and talking about successes, sticking points and plans for improvement.