Children are happy when they are learning new things and they learn best when they are having fun.

We are committed to providing an excellent environment for children to learn golf, movement and mindset skills

Children are happy when they are improving their skills and learning new ones, when they are having fun and when they are part of a friendly cooperative group. It is in this kind of environment that children enjoy their learning, practise harder, learn faster, and are more likely to stay with golf and make it a sport for life.

We are committed to developing the WHOLE child

JOLF develops develops children in Mindset, Movement and Golf Skills.

All our coaches are qualified and experienced junior coaches

  • All coaches are have done specialist JOLF training in order to become JOLF coaches
  • All coaches possess an enhanced CRB disclosure, a First Aid Certificate and a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate. These are renewed every 3 years.
  • All coaches are fully qualified PGA professionals

JOLF coaches offer quality control through a strict pupil to coach ratio

  • All coaches guarantee attention to the learning of each child by limiting group sizes. It is difficult to deliver quality if coaches are dealing with large groups of children.