Our favoured suppliers

Factory Eleven have been involved in sports development initiatives on a National and Regional basis with a number of Sports Governing Bodies, in education, clubs and the community since 1996. Factory Eleven’s unique range of equipment for a variety of sports has been developed working with coaches, teachers and young people to create a positive fun learning environment to allow young people and adults the opportunity to develop the key core fundamental skills of each sport. The equipment can be set up in a wide range of facilities and venues, both indoors and out to create a stimulating participation experience. For further information visit www.factoryeleven.com.


mi sport gives children the very best start to sport and physical activity. It does this by helping children become competent movers. This allows them to enjoy a wide variety of activities as they grow older. JOLF works closely with  mi sport who provide training for coaches who deliver JOLF.  Coaches also use the misport resource, mimove, in their sessions. www.mi-sport.co

ICEcodes child safety tags are worn in case of emergency and discretely hold 2 contact telephone numbers in a QR code. If a child becomes lost the numbers are recovered simply by scanning the tag with a smart phone or alternatively via a Found Child Hotline.

Ideal for parents, ICEcode child safety tags offer the reassurance and peace of mind that should a child become separated from them, contact can be made the moment they are found. www.icecodes.co.uk


JUSTTEAMSPORTS are online suppliers of Sports equipment and clothing in the UK to Clubs, Schools and Universities. JUSTTEAMSPORTS have put together useful kits that will help golf coaches deliver JOLF in schools and at their facilities. JUSTTEAMSPORTS.CO.UK

Skool-Kit was designed to create an easy and cost effective place to buy and sell new or quality pre-loved school uniform, sports and musical equipment. There are no complicated auctions or selling fees, just a flat fee of £1 to upload your basic listing to our website. Click here to check out Skool-kit’s great value Memberships for multiple items.